International staff development is organizational development for the global market.


It is our goal to prepare leaders for global assignments and to ensure peak performance of your multicultural teams. We create individual formats for staff development with global orientation.

Leading and managing across cultures is challenging. It often requires to make decisions in complex and ambiguous situations.

Thus understanding cultural differences is a key factor for designing effective frameworks that support international work assignments.

Improve communication between your cross-cultural teams with our customized solutions.


Untold Colors helps to…

  • develop the competencies that make the difference when working internationally
  • conceptualise and implement learning and development solutions
  • overcome organisational challenges of internationalisation
  • manage international projects at a distance
  • provide tools for building trust-based relationships and effective teams
  • develop essential skills to build productive international relationships
  • create frameworks in which creativity can thrive


Globalization and the advances in communication and transportation technology have reduced barriers and made the world smaller. This has changed the nature of work and reaffirmed the importance of international staff development.

Companies move away from the monochromic make-up of fixed working hours and immobile offices to one that is flexible and colored by team members from all over the world.

Multicultural teams out-perform monoculture teams, especially when performance requires multiple skills and judgement. This new multicultural environment reveals differences in areas such as communication and leadership styles and the approach to time.

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