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Jan-Christoph Daniel, the founder of Untold Colors, is a global-minded, well-travelled communication expert with a passion for empowering virtual teams. Over seven years of permanent residency in Singapore and Hongkong provided him with extensive exposure to the business environment in Southeast-Asia and China. His seminars have been offered at institutions in Hong Kong, Singapore, the United Arab Emirates and Germany.

He is an experienced media practitioner, moderator and learning specialist. As a producer and editor he has contributed to numerous international media projects for renowned broadcasters such as ZDF Germany, arte France, ORF Austrian Television, Discovery Networks, ESPN Star Sports as well as MediaCorp Singapore.

He earned his Master of Arts in Creative Media Practice with distinction at Middlesex University in London. In addition he holds a Bachelor of Arts in Filmmaking and received vocational training in publishing at the Association of German Engineers as well as Handelsblatt, a leading business newspaper in Germany.

Jan-Christoph Daniel is an instructor at LinkedIn Learning.

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»The wise man doesn’t give the right answers, he poses the right questions.«
– Claude Lévi-Strauss