Why do businesses go international?


A simple answer is – businesses go global to grow long-term and to become more self-sufficient. Selling services and products in several countries helps reducing the exposure to economic stagnation or decline in domestic demand. So global-minded businesses minimise their dependence on their home market. Here are three impulses and considerations for businesses to go international…

More potential clients

Globally oriented businesses have more potential clients. Germany has only a bit over 1% of the world’s population according to Worldometers. By comparison – China’s population makes over 19% of the total world population. India’s population is equivalent to 17.5% and Indonesia makes about 3.5%. The population, especially in Asia, is growing whereas Germany’s population is characterised by zero or declining growth. If businesses want to stay competitive they should consider potential global clients. How does the population develop over the next years in your home country?

A global talent pool

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