Why German companies need to become more colorful, multicultural and diverse


Highly qualified people go where they find excellent development opportunities and the best quality of life.

A study by the Boston Consulting Group reveals that there will be a shortage of more than 6 million skilled professionals in Germany alone by 2030. This labor shortage forecast applies to many other countries too. The demand puts businesses under pressure for attracting world class global talent. Read more

Interview with Pedro Custódio – User Experience Strategist


Pedro, you have spent the last 6 years working and living in Germany and you were responsible for user experience design at Vodafone. Tell us a bit how you have created this job opportunity. What led to your decision to move to Germany?

I studied computer science, more exactly I studied Artificial Intelligence, maybe because of those beginnings I often found myself thinking of people while I was developing programs and working on computer projects. Years later I realised there couldn’t be computers without people and that it was from their relation what great things could happen. So I shifted my line of work towards usability and user experience. To understand and improve how we, humans, interact with technology and how to improve those interactions.

The move to Germany was a combination of professional and personal objectives. I was part of an international community already while in Portugal, but I wanted to work in a more international environment. Vodafone Group projected that path for me and in 2009 I moved to Düsseldorf.

Could you describe an aspect of the working style in Germany with an anecdote or a specific incident?

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