Nunu – The most meaningful name in the world


Javier, please share with us a bit about your background and who you are.

Michele is a graphic designer among many other things, she paints, draws, and she loves restoring and recycling things.
I was a banking lawyer, but now I only work in the hotel and spend time with my family. I am retired from any kind of office job.

You have officially opened Nunu Boutique Hotel in May 2016 and you’ve moved from the capital Lima to the small town of Lamay only recently. How did you adapt to the new environment?

My family moved to Lamay in February 2017. The adaptation was easy for me and Michele but not for our children. We lived in a very nice place in Lima. My sons did not understand why we had to move to this forgotten town.
Over time things started to change. Now they seem to be in a good mood. Our kids like it a bit more here day by day. They start seeing the benefits and I am confident it’s only a matter of time.

You are running your hotel in one of the most beautiful parts of Perú, namely in the Sacred Valley near legendary Machu Picchu. How did you find this place?

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