My office is not constrained by borders


Interview with Julie MacArthur, MacArthur Productions, Digital Nomad

7 questions about her experiences and insights as a digital nomad

Julie, you have »Digital Nomad« in your LinkedIn title. What does the term actually mean to you? How would you define it?

The term to me, means a person that does not actually have a permanent residence and considers any place with decent internet a possibility to relocate to. My office is not constrained by borders, and I am not required to be in the same location as the companies I work for.

There are a few other considerations when I look into relocation, such as visitor’s visas and how long I can stay, safety, is it a place that interests me and cost of living. Being here in Granada, I meet people from around the world, who inspire me to look at other destination and they also provide me more information that I would not discover on a website.

You are running a production business for training videos. You work remotely, at the moment from Granada, Nicaragua. Please describe what you enjoy most working independently from a specific location.

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