Fons Trompenaars

Fons Trompenaars and Jan-Christoph Daniel in Amsterdam, Foto: Achim Dunker

Leadership is about integrating opposites


I’ve created a short video teaser with some highlights from my recent interview with Prof. Fons Trompenaars, the acclaimed management guru and author of the classic book »Riding the Waves of Culture«.

Fons Trompenaars is well-known throughout the world for his ground-breaking work on the subject of management across cultures and business transformation.

In his typical entertaining and thought-provoking way he shares applicable insights into topics such as sustainable servant leadership, agile organizations, dilemma reconciliation and innovation.

He raises questions like

Is there a leadership model that can deal effectively with multicultural teams?

If we go to Mars, what kind of culture can we create?

Click here to watch the video.

The interview was made possible with the support of Achim Dunker, cameraman, director and author of »Portrait Lighting for Photo, TV and Cinema« and »Die chinesische Sonne scheint immer von unten«.

Special thanks to Phyllis Stewart from THT Consulting and Lianne Laumen, APG Asset Management.

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